Color Printing

Whether you need black & white, 1 color, 2 color, or full color, we have the right presses for the job!

Website and Application Dev

We offer our clients the best possible development solutions.

Buy Domain Names

Buy a domain name for custom Purl links and online marketing for direct mail.

Mail Tracking Stats

Our mail tracking stats will help verify USPS mail deliver dates.

Phone Tracking Stats

Reports from calls tracked from your mail piece validate the mail to phone replies.

Mailing Lists

We offer online lists purchases and criteria searches via geography and more.


Saturation Email Marketing

The perfect complement to your direct mail campaign targeted to consumers who have opted-in to receive offers from local businesses. Reporting includes open rate and click-through tracking.

Pick a 5-30 mile radius around your dealership.

Develop offers and links that will drive buyers to your:

  • Showroom
  • Service Department
  • Website
  • Online Inventory
  • Online Credit Approval
  • And more!

Database Email Marketing

We will deliver relationship-building one-to-one messages that are relevant to your customers by designing sophisticated HTML emails that include interactive content.

You will benefit from industry-leading deliver-ability and monitoring assistance to ensure CAN-SPAM compliance and maximum delivery rate. We'll also manage unsubscribe activity.

Match and Mail

We will match email addresses to the mailing list you use for your direct mail piece to build an even more impact-full campaign.

Text Messaging

Sell more by connecting with your prospects immediately!

  • Text for vehicle offer
  • Text to win a prize
  • Text for service specials
  • Build an engaged database for future mobile marketing
  • Personal Websites and Landing Pages

Personal Websites and Landing Pages

Also known as a PURL (Personal URL), these sites feature the recipient's name. Each direct mail piece guides the reader to the personal web address unique to it's recipient. You may be asking yourself, "Who responds to these personal websites?" Car buyers do! More than 75% of all respondents to Traxmail PURLS have indicated they are in the market to buy a vehicle. That's the power of PURLs.


We offer Datamatrix or QR codes printed on Direct Mail for tracking via the USPS. Purl's are also available with these codes used in direct mail or email marketing.

Use your iphone, android or other smartphone device and the 2DCodeMe app or other app that reads this type of bar code to see the possibilities for your Company!


TraxMail is simply the best way to manage your direct mail campaigns using our online tracking methods. We offer Purl, Mail Tracking via USPS, Phone Tracking and CRM Solutions.

We can handle small and large marketing projects with our online tools using the best methods across multiple industries. Personal urls for individual mail pieces means you have greater control over your direct mail projects. Collect the most information available from your next direct mail campaign. We have the most cost effective way to manage your marketing projects. From email to direct mail, we have the right solutions for your next marketing campaign.

With our IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcodes) we can track your mail to and from if you use reply mail. We offer an online mail tracking system, in conjunction with our Purl system as well as phone tracking along with hardware based devices like Card Swipe campaigns with plastic cards or keys mailers.

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